Mammography – Mark-Fast Markers


  • All legends are specified by the American College of Radiology. Custom legends available.
  • Solid lead letters embedded in laminated acrylic which is color-coded to aid in proper sequential placement. (Colors: R-Red, L-Blue, M-Tan, RM/RL-Celadon Green, Other Legends-Gray)
  • White letters and matte faces enhance readability.
  • Available with plastic (standard) or aluminum backing.
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AC Wellman is a leading supplier of X-ray markers and has been committed to delivering high-quality products since 1902.

  • Unmounted Lead Letters: These X-ray markers come in various sizes and styles and are the most affordable way to positively identify radiographs.
  • Mounted Lead Letters: Available in aluminum, copper, or clear, white or black vinyl plastic, these letters and words provide a more convenient way to identify X-rays.
  • Polycarbonate Markers: Our durable red and green polycarbonate markers are custom engraved with initials, numbers, or mammography views and filled with a radiopaque epoxy.
  • Mark-Clear Markers: These markers feature solid lead letters enclosed in a laminated acrylic plastic with a vinyl or aluminum backing, making them our highest-quality X-ray markers.
  • Enclosed Markers: Radiology markers with lead letters enclosed between folded aluminum and clear plastic covers, ensuring durability.
  • Embedded Markers: These markers are fully encased in a clear embedment plastic and come with an aluminum or tough polycarbonate background.