MR-SPOT Packets™


Professional markers for a professional exam

Unlike common makeshift markers such as vitamin capsules and condiment packages, MR-SPOT skin markers were designed for clinical use. They provide a bright consistent image on all pulse sequences, allowing for unmistakable communication between patient, MRI technologist, and the interpreting radiologist regarding areas of concern. MR-SPOTs are constructed to stay intact throughout the scan despite the heat of the exam and the bodyweight of the patient.

Because MR-SPOT skin markers for MRI sit atop a self-adhesive label, they are easy to apply, saving time and reducing the likelihood of markers indenting or distorting pathology.

Intended for single patient use, MR-SPOT skin markers are also more hygienic than other methods used for localization in MRI.

Optimum patient comfort

MR-SPOT packets have a low, flat profile that makes them ideal for dedicated coils or weightbearing studies.

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MR-SPOT Packets (BKM-184)
  • 5.0cm Radiance® filled packet
  • Ideal for thoracic spines and larger areas of interest
  • Designed for optimum patient comfort
  • Quantity: 40/box
MR-SPOT Packets (BKM-185)
  • 1.75cm Radiance® filled packet
  • Ideal for extremities, soft tissue masses, and breast MRI
  • Designed for optimum patient comfort
  • Quantity: 40/box

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