LED 2SC – Single Colour LED Minor Operating Lamp


  • Light output 115,000 Lux.
  • Colour rendering index >Ra 95, colour temperature 4500 K and focusable light field 17-28 cm diameter.
  • Touch panel light intensity control (5 -100%) with on/off switch.
  • Depth light and Endo light switching for increased intensity to central LED segments or where outer segments are turned off.
  • 21 LED’s (life span >50,000 h) included in 49 cm diameter lamp head with sterilisable handle.
  • Supplied with a separate power supply unit (110-250 V 50-60 Hz) and housing.

LED 2SC lamp and suspension arm only (for use with a Kenex ceiling radiation shield): 190/230/01
LED 2SC lamp, suspension arm and ceiling column: 190/230/03

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