Bella Blankets®


Thin by design, the textured material of Bella Blankets helps with “hard to position” breasts, prevents breasts from sticking to receptor plate to avoid skin tears, helps shield cuts or infections in the inframammary fold, and acts as a sanitary barrier.

Every patient deserves the most breast tissue possible on their image. Bella Blankets protective coverlets provide mammography technologists an extra helping hand by:

  • Securing perspiring or oily skin
  • Allowing for easy removal of hands after positioning the thin, fatty-replaced breast, preventing skin folds
  • Holding small/dense breasts in place
  • Grasping anterior breast tissue during implant displacement views
  • Keeping large breasts “up and out” to ensure an open IMF in the MLO view
  • Gripping breast tissue on male patients

BKM-311 – 29.2cm x 33.0cm | intended for use on 24cm x 30cm receptor plate
BKM-310 – 22.9cm x 27.9cm | intended for use on 18cm x 24cm receptor plate

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