CT Whole Body Phantom with Pathologies (PH-2E)


Implement theory with practice with pathological findings in this hands-on training phantom


  • Radiology absorption and HU number approximate to human body
  • Main joints have close-to human articulation
  • Phantom can be disassembled into 10 individual parts


  • Plain X-ray / CT /Basic patient positioning

Set Includes:

  • 1 whole body phantom / 1 head supporter / 1 flat head screwdriver/ 1 set of sample X-ray / manual


  • 165 cm /65in
  • 50 kg / 110 lb


  • Soft tissue: urethane based resin (density: 1.06)
  • Synthetic bone: epoxy resin (density: 1.31)
  • Skull:epoxy resin (density: 1.11)
  • *Phantom has no metal parts or liquid structure
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Founded in 1891, Kyoto is the world’s only manufacturer of anatomical models, simulators, and imaging phantoms. Made in Kyoto, Japan and trusted in over 60 countries around the world. Passing on cultural heritage through technologies for restoring and replicating cultural assets.