Fetus Ultrasound Examination Phantom “SPACE FAN-ST” (US-7A)


Staple phantom for hands-on practice in second trimester screening


  • The oval shape phantom abdomen can be set info four different positions
  • The fetus includes full skeletal structures and key organs
  • Includes an educational DVD and a fetus demonstration model for comprehensive learning

Training skills / Applications: Fetal size assessment: BPD, AD, AC and FL / Measurement of amniotic fluid volume / Determination of fetus presentation (cephalic or breech) / Assessment of each body part -Head: skull and brain -Spine and limbs -Cardiac chambers, blood vessels and lungs / Assessment of umbilical cord and placenta position / Determination of sex (This phantom represents a male fetus)

Set includes: 1 mother body torso / 1 ultrasound pregnant uterus phantom / 1 fetus demonstration model / 1 storage case /1 talcum powder/ 1 tutorial manual (DVD)

Size (approx.):

  • W40×D31×H22cm / W15.7 x D12.2 ×H8.7in(Maternal abdominal body)
  • W30×D21×H15cm / W11.8 x D8.3 ×H5.9in(Fetus examination part)
  • 7.3kg / 16.1lb

Anatomy: UTERUS: amniotic fluid/ placenta / umbilical cord / FETUS: skeletal structure / brain with septum lucidum / lateral ventricles and cerebellum / heart with four chambers / lungs / spleen / bladder / stomach / liver / kidneys / aorta / umbilical vein / umbilical artery / external genitalia

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