Internal Organ Anatomical Model ECHO-ZOU (M98)

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Internal Organ Anatomical Model ECHO-ZOU (M98)

Separates into 20 parts;

  1. Hepatic segment
  2. Hepatic segment
  3. Hepatic segment
  4. Hepatic segment
  5. Hepatic segment
  6. Hepatic segment
  7. Hepatic segment
  8. Hepatic segment
  9. Portal vein, Bile duct, Hepatic vein
  10. Gallbladder
  11. Pancreas
  12. Spleen
  13. Right kidney
  14. Left kidney
  15. Abdominal aorta
  16. Inferior vena cava
  17. Hepatic veins
  18. Spinal column
  19. Stomach
  20. Large intestine, Small intestine
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