Subsolid Nodules Phantom (PH-58)


Both mixed and pure GGO are provided in a variety of sizes and HU numbers.


  • Subsolid Nodules Phantom is a set of simulated lesions designed for study and training in Grand-Glass Opacity (GGO) detection and interpretation.
  • The set also includes 3-D GGO modeled on clinical CT data. The simulated lesions can be attached to the pulmonary vessels of the Chest Phantom N1 “LUNGMAN” or in the CT Lung Phantom.


  • 41923-000: 7 x Mixed concentric GGO
  • 41923-100: 8 x Mixed eccentric GGO
  • 41923-200: 2 x Mixed eccentric GGO (double solid fields)
  • 41923-300: 8 x pure GGO
  • 41923-400: 1 x 3D GGO
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