Mobile Lower Body Shield WD260 with two removable upper shields

SKU: MVG-WD260/100/81/E

Mobile lower body protective shield (Pb 0.50 mm) with two removable upper shields (heights: 250 mm and 170 mm), a 600 x 1000 mm middle section and 200 x 1000 mm angled sections each side

Used for under table protection, although the table does not offer any option for accessory rails. Overlapping flexible strips ensure optimal protection and extend operating range. The sleek and maneuverable system is statically secure and offers lots of space. High variability due to a removable shield. The stable base offers a large operating range with very little space required.

  • Protection – 1 or 2 removable upper pieces (170 mm and 250 mm in height); middle section (60 x 100 cm); 2 angled side sections (20 x 100 cm)
  • Lead equivalency – 0.50mm Pb
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