Short version of WD26105 Lower Body Mobile X-Ray Shield, height 910 – 1210 mm, Includes box with 20 sterile disposable covers (STEA-WD261)

SKU: MVG-WD26105-S

The compact, anatomically formed shield of the model WD261 allows for a close body fit so that the doctor can move freely throughout the procedure. Due to springs the user can adjust the height of the shield to his own height or working position requested, at any time i.e. also during the procedure. The shield was designed to offer sufficient legroom in order to eliminate any risk of injury. The unimpeded use of the control pedal of the x-ray unit accounts for another advantage.

  • Short version: Height adjustable for individual needs from 910 to 1210 mm
  • Lead equivalent 0.50 mm Pb
  • Easy to clean outer material: MAVIG ComforTex®-HMPF
  • Designed for easy and comfortable control pedal use
  • High quality, electrically conductive wheels with brakes
  • Specially designed sterile covers MVG-STEA-WD261 to meet strict hospital hygienic regulations
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