RadSafe® Child Frontal Apron with Comfortwear


Front-only radiation protection garment. This Apron features an adjustable buckle fastener for a secure and ergonomic fit. Additionally, the shoulder padding offers exceptional comfort for our younger patients.

  • Child 3-6 Years: 100cm (39.4″)
  • Child 6-9 Years: 116cm (45.9″)
  • Child 9-12 Years: 133cm (52.5″)
    (maximum chest/bust circumference)
Fastener Types
  • Hook and Loop (Standard)
  • Buckle
Lead Equivalency
  • 0.50mmPb LE (Standard)
  • 0.35mmPb LE (On Request)
  • 0.25mmPb LE (On Request)
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Why RADSafe® Medical?

Fabric Options

Trim Options

Our own design and manufactured core materials, Optima, Assure and Lite, are high-performing materials that are designed and formulated to meet various leading international standards including IEC, DIN and ASTM. RADcore materials are all lead-free and leverage the radiation attenuation characteristics of elements such as antimony and bismuth, which are encapsulated in an advanced plasticized polyvinyl chloride formulation.

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