RADSafe® Vest and Skirt Apron with Full Overlap


The RADsafe Vest & Skirt Apron with Full Overlap Vest is a variation of our Vest and Skirt standard two-piece full apron with the benefit of the overlap vest. It provides front and back protection, and the two-piece design makes it simpler to rotate the upper body independently from the legs. The weight is distributed across the body equally, with the vest for the upper body and the skirt supporting from the waist down. The skirt contains a built-in elasticised belt for comfort.

  • Suited for long periods
  • Skirt and belt lumber support
  • Catheter laboratory
  • Endoscopy
  • Operating theatres
  • Hybrid laboratory
Size Tolerance
  • Specific fit
Application Time
  • Standard (30 – 90 seconds)
  • Front and Back
Weight Ergonomics
  • 2 points
  • (Shoulders and hips)
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About RADSafe® Vest and Skirt Apron with Full Overlap

Why RADSafe® Medical?

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Our own design and manufactured core materials, Optima, Assure and Lite, are high-performing materials that are designed and formulated to meet various leading international standards including IEC, DIN and ASTM. RADcore materials are all lead-free and leverage the radiation attenuation characteristics of elements such as antimony and bismuth, which are encapsulated in an advanced plasticized polyvinyl chloride formulation.

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