Lower body protection with universal adapter, suitable for accessory rails from 7 x 25 mm to 10 x 30 mm


Lower Body Protection System

The MVG-UT6001 is MAVIG’s table-mounted radiation shield with freely suspended panels for tilting tables up to 15°. The double-jointed adapter for the table rail enables the user to have a position very close to the table. The MVG-UT6001 has been designed so that it can be placed on either side of the table, thus permitting more versatile application possibilities.

The lower body protection system has been equipped with the universal adapter from MAVIG and therefore fits all table rails with profiles from 7 x 25 mm to 10 x 30 mm.

• Overlapping, flexible radiation protection panels with PVC covering
• Can be mounted on both sides of the table (mirror image)
• Lead equivalent of 0.50 mm Pb
• Dimensions of the MVG-UT6001:
Main section 900 x 500 mm (H x W; three overlapping panels)
Upper shield 250 x 500 mm (H x W)
Additional panel 290 mm (W)
• Total weight: 16.5 kg
• Includes wall mounts (1x for main section and 1x upper shield)

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