The LED6 MC is an operating theater light for diagnosis and surgery. The electronic brightness is controlled on the lamp head and the size of the light field can be easily adjusted using the sterilisable handle.

  • Optimal laminar flow properties
  • Central illuminance (at 1 m distance) 160,000 lx
  • Convenient positioning and focusing
  • Antibacterial coating

Brilliant Light for Diagnostic and Surgery

Using the optionally available wall panel, the lamp can also be operated remotely. The LED6 MC is available in 3 versions: 1. Basic version, 2. including laser pointer (L) or 3. including camera preparation and shadow management (KVS).

  • Free 360° Rotation at the connection to the Portegra2 ceiling system
  • Video Preparation for HD wireless camera (optional)
  • Laser pointer for correct positioning (optional)
  • Enhanced illumination depth
  • Sterilisable Handle
  • Large focus field
  • Aluminum housing with antibacterial coating for high OR hygiene standards
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